Between Fashion and Nudity

Over the years, it seems to be a steady trend that when people go in less clothing, they become more fashionable. Let’s even take it from the beginning: Clothes are materials largely made of fabric, which are meant to cover the nakedness of man. The etymology of clothing can be traced to the Biblical account of man’s original sin of disobedience to his maker. A certain forbidden fruit was eaten and man’s eyes were opened to the fact that he was naked; hence, the need to cover up.

Then, the trend was to cover up as much parts of the body as possible. The Jews and the Hebrews for instance wore free-flowing gowns with aprons and some kind of head covers. The Ishmaelites, who are the present day muslims even took it to a whole new level by covering up every single part of their body; including the face! The men wore the “babanriga” kind of free-flowing apparels and also tied up their heads and necks with clothing materials; while the females wore the flowing gowns, covering their palms and feet with stockings, their heads with ‘Hijabs” with a flapping extension which covers even their facing; leaving just some gauzed holes for eye sight.

Those were in the time past. The day civilization began to catch up with man was the same day man began to show a progressive preference for less clothing. First, it went from the free-flowing gowns to the “bongo” trousers and long sleeved shirts; and then the short-sleeved ones were introduce. It then went further to the sleeveless ones and so on.

Today, people wear all kinds of things in the name of fashion. While the guys go on singlets and long-chained necklaces; drawing down their trousers to the laps in what they now call “ass-level” or “sagging”, the ladies now wear night gowns, bomb-shorts, one-handed sleeveless or just very simply put on their pantes and bras and that’s all!

Who knows, perhaps we are gradually heading back to the adamic days when the man and the woman were happily naked in the Garden of Eden. The only difference would be in the fact that Adam and Eve did not even know they were naked, but now, we all sure do know what nakedness is; only we deliberately want to go without clothes. Call it modernity, call it civilization, or maybe you want to call it fashion. The fact remains that there’s just I very tiny line between that which you call fashion and that which I call nudity.


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